Jul 042018

Fernanda Munoz-Newsome

Fernanda Munoz-Newsome
My name is Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, I was born in UK of English and Chilean descent. I live and work in London as a dance artist and choreographer, working independently and collaboratively since 2009. Working with composers, visual artists, music producers, pop/punk bands, writers, architects, choreographers and dance artists takes my work into galleries and alternative performance contexts.

My work is concerned with experience and transformation between public and private bodies and spaces. A movement towards re-experiencing and reorienting inside our entangled, inherited political and experiential bodies.

In the last two years I have made: something purple: my whole body overflows with thought at Palais de Tokyo, Paris and Block Universe, 2018. something orange: our bodies slip slide through knowing, performed with Jamila Johnson-Small sound by Nicholas Owen (Pumarosa)at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2018 and at David Roberts Arts Foundation for the exhibition opening of (X) A Fantasy and at Oval Space with Pumarosa, 2017. OURNESS collaboration with sister Isabel Muñoz-Newsome for Art Night, Phillips auction house, London 2018. WE take the NIGHT walk by night through London for women and non binary people. instant fragments a solo performed at GUSH 2017. A new solo a body rites itself at Siobhan Davies Studios and Chisenhale Dance 2018. Performing 2DiveIn a solo, sound by Nena Zinovieff with CAMPerVAN at Tate Modern and D.R.A.F 2017. something purple: my whole body over flows with thought, to be performed at Calvert Foundation for launch of The Six Sense of the Avant-Garde and at London Topophobia 2017. Passage a group work and collaboration with Pumarosa was performed at ICA, 2016. let the body, a commission made with music producer Shelley Parker, performed with Jamila Johnson-Small at Arnolfini Bristol, 2016. Performing with Helm and Alice MacKenzie at South London Gallery and (33-33), 2015 and made Naked Nude a solo part of Airbomb at Royal Academy of Art, 2015. In What I Am Seeing the Sun was a collaboration with Savages and A Dead Forest Index, performed with Rosalie Wahlfrid-Shaw for Station to Station at Barbican, 2015.

Diving into Lisa’s work again and joining the group will be an honour. I look forward to bringing my practice and voice into this multi layered, multi dimensional research. Some of my current questions:

> How can dance continue to allow us to enter a sense of other in a shared space?

> Can dance continue to transport us further into our own bodies and help us shape understanding?

> In which ways can dance continue to open debate, challenge and stimulate our thinking bodies moving us into the 21st century?

> Why is presenting diversity, queerness and cultural difference essential right now?