Jul 052018

Philippa Thomas

Philippa Thomas
Philippa Thomas is an artist and designer based in Scotland. She has worked on a wide variety of theatre, performance and installation projects and also creates original pieces as a printmaker.

One recent project, DATAMINE (2016), was a collaboration with Phd researchers from Bristol University Epidemiology department. Creating a new installation for the Einstein’s Garden area of Green Man Festival, she designed an interactive space within which researchers could engage with the public and have conversations about their work on the human genome and genetic data. The project was used by Bristol University as an example of best public engagement practise.

Another commission with a strong public engagement element was Suspension and Disbelief, a collaboration with musician and sound artist Hector MacInnes. Suspension and Disbelief explored the identity, ambition and cohesion of Hebridean island communities through semi-fictional alternative histories. Across two separate exhibitions, the work took visitors on a visionary cable-car ride around the Isles of Lewis, Harris and Uist as they awoke from the Second World War.

Philippa recently took part in an international residency in Iceland, where she explored ideas of land ownership through modelmaking and printmaking. Work from this residency was incorporated into another collaboration with Hector MacInnes and presented in St Giles Cathedral for the “Scot:Lands” event, part of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations.

Philippa is joining the Figuring company as set designer and her role will be to give form and function to the spaces used during the piece, and to help the audience and performers navigate them. She is interested in making work that occupies the gaps between artforms, and is looking forward to learning more about the ways in which performance, graphic arts and installation can interact with Virtual Reality technology, and is particularly looking forward to joining an exciting new team of fellow performers and makers on that journey.

Her work and projects can be seen at www.philippacthomas.com