Jul 052018

Tanuja Amarasuriya

Tanuja Amarasuriya
My name is Tanuja Amarasuriya. I’m a Director, Dramaturg and Sound Designer who works across theatre, film and digital sound. I’m a resident at Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio, a Leverhulme Arts Scholar attached to Bristol Old Vic, and co-Artistic Director of Sleepdogs, which is a wide-ranging collaboration with writer/composer Timothy X Atack, making theatre, film and audio work characterised by imaginative storytelling and visceral, emotional, sensory aesthetics. www.sleepdogs.org

I’ve worked with playwrights, theatremakers and artists including Selina Thompson, Eno Mfon, Timothy X Atack, Sookie Greene, Chris Thorpe & Rachel Chavkin, Sam Halmarack and Raucous. My work has been developed and presented nationally and internationally, including at: the National Theatre (London), Bristol Old Vic, Seattle International Film Festival, Manchester Royal Exchange, Channel 4 television, Brighton Festival, NexT International Film Festival (Bucharest), BIOS (Athens) and Sura Medura (Sri Lanka).

I’m the Dramaturg on this project. That can mean different things on different projects. For Figuring, this is about working with Lisa to help her hone and shape the experience for an audience. It’s about helping her sift through the rich and detailed research, and orchestrate all the different elements and processes in a way that moves towards creating a really exciting, active, surprising and affecting experience for audiences. As a director, I think about my role as designing audience experiences – whichever form I’m working in. I’ve never worked with VR before, so this is a really exciting adventure for me.