Jul 052018

Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell
Dr Tom Mitchell is a Bristol-based computer scientist, interaction designer and musician/artist.

With a degree in electronic engineering and PhD in AI and music, he is currently appointed as Associate Professor in Creative Technologies in the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies at UWE, Bristol. Mitchell publishes across a range of disciplines centred on music and technology, including HCI, sonification and AI. He currently supervises 6 PhD students, leads the Creative Technologies Research Laboratory and is a member of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Computer Science Research Group. He is also an honorary visiting scholar at the University of Bristol and resident at the Pervasive Media Studio.

Mitchell has worked on range of interdisciplinary projects combining science and the creative arts to produce novel and inclusive representations of the art, science and technology.

Previous work includes: danceroom Spectroscopy: an innovative science-art public engagement project experienced by tens of thousands of people across multiple continents. The work has received support from ACE, EPSRC, RSC and has appeared at multiple premier cultural venues including the Barbican Arts Centre, the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Technology, the London 2012 Olympics.

Mimu gloves: a multi-award winning music interaction project exploring music and composition with the latest gestural interaction technology. The work has featured in hundreds of international performances and enjoyed by over a million music enthusiasts across and led to the spin-out tech startup Mimu Ltd which was incorporated to develop the research into a commercial system.


TRANSMISSION: a live audiovisual digital-arts performance and installation within an interactive room-sized immersive epidemiology simulation. The work premiered at York Festival of Ideas 2014 the interactive installation formed part of Manchester Science Festival 2014.

In Figuring, Mitchell will work closely with composer Joseph Hyde and sonification researcher Alex Jones designing and developing interactive auditory experiences that create a seamless and immersive connection between physical and virtual worlds.